Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine Solutions

Vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines are used in food and other packaging applications that begin with a web of plastic or metal film and end with a finished bag or packaged product.

To ensure a reliable, smooth process from start to completion, Banner Engineering provides an efficient solution with a combination of sensors and indicators.


  • Improved efficiency through detection and feedback.
  • Sensors for every stage of the process.

  • Vertical Form Fill Seal Process with Banner's Efficient Solution with Sensors and Indicators 

For this complete solution, Banner’s T30UX ultrasonic sensor delivers accurate distance sensing to provide a non-contact method to measure the roll of film’s diameter. By determining the roll’s radius, the vertical form fill seal machine can calculate the amount of film that remains and can signal the operator when it is low. In the process, a U-Gage S18U ultrasonic sensor delivers accurate sensing to control web tension by communicating to the PLC whether to speed up or slow down the roll of film. The S18U is installed at the position of the s dancer arm, reliably measuring the arm’s distance. 

Next, Banner’s R58B Expert confirms the registration mark's position on the web, which allows the machine to make minor infeed adjustments to ensure the seal is placed correctly and all packages are consistent. The R58B Expert offers a superior color contrast with a tri-color solution that easily reads high-gloss and low-contrast surfaces. The orientation of the R58B Expert can be either vertical or horizontal for easy mounting on the vertical form fill seal machine and has the option of vertical or horizontal LED spots.

For easy-to-see operator guidance, a K50L general purpose indicator light indicates the status of the vertical form fill seal machine–the rugged illuminated dome has an IP69K rating for high-pressure washdown environments.
To complete the solution, Banner’s QS30AF600 Adjustable Field product tracking sensor helps keep track of and count the bags after they exit the machine. Based on the trigger timing of the QS30AF600, the case packer can accurately count the bags. The QS30AF600 offers superior reliability with multi-colored bags or packages.

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