Snap Signal Product Family

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The DXMR90 is an IIoT enabling industrial controller that transmits information from multiple sources simultaneously in a unified protocol for real-time analysis and consumption. The DXMR90 is also capable of edge processing through logic and data manipulation.

IO-Link Masters

IO-Link Masters enable users to collect more real-time data from a greater number of devices. IO-Link Masters are available in three different configurations: two-port (R45), four-port (R90), or eight-port (R110) models. They each serve as a gateway for connecting IO-Link devices to control systems on the market. The IO-Link Masters transmit machine data, process parameters, and diagnostic information via either Modbus RTU, Ethernet IP or Modbus TCP (model dependent) This configuration makes it possible to send IO-Link data to PLCs, HMIs, SCADAs, and cloud platforms.

IO-Link Hubs

Banner’s IO-Link hubs convert and consolidate discrete signals into an IO-Link data stream compatible with other devices, including Banner’s new IO-Link Master. They can also be used in traditional IO-Link systems for signal transmission of large numbers of discrete inputs/outputs to higher-level control systems.


Unlock valuable equipment data from new and existing devices with Banner’s S15C and R45C converters. These converters allow you to connect two previously incompatible device types and seamlessly transmit data across multiple IIoT ecosystems. S15C and R45C Converters take various types of signals including discrete, analog, and others and transform these signals to industrial protocols like IO-Link or Modbus. This makes it easy to incorporate existing legacy sensors into standard protocols to enable process monitoring.

Serial Data Radio

The R70SR Serial Data Radio is a compact, low-power wireless communication device, used to extend the range of serial communications networks. The device is fitted with an M12 connectorized base for fast deployment.

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