Ply Orientation Inspection

Safety and quality are very important in the automotive industry. Errors could be very costly or cause recalls. In order for tires to be formed correctly, a solution is needed to ensure that the tire piles are stacked in alternating layers.

Before the operator activates a tire-building machine to form a tire, Banner Engineering's PresencePLUS P4 OMNI 1.3 vision sensor inspects the plies to make sure that pieces with opposite biases alternate in the stack. 

If two pieces with the same bias are stacked together, the formed tire proceeds through the manufacturing process, then fails balance testing and must be scrapped. 

The use of a laser light mounted at an angle to the line is critical to the inspection, because the light bends at the angled edge of the ply, making three-dimensional measurement possible with an inexpensive two-dimensional vision sensor.



  • Banner's P4 OMNI 1.3 vision sensor inspects plies to ensure that pieces alternate in the stack. 

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