Barcode Reading on Depalletizer Station

In the beverage industry, barcode systems are placed on top of slip sheets. A barcode reader is needed to read the labels and in order for operators to verify that the correct bottles are getting filled with the correct liquid before proceeding along the production line. The barcodes quickly and easily identify which product is present at the depalletizer station.

Banner Engineering’s TCNM linear barcode scanner is recommended for scanning and validating the barcodes. It is able to decode over a dozen commonly used linear barcode symbols helping maintain an efficient flow of bottles along the production line. Utilizing the TCNM linear sensor allows for an automated way to confirm the correct product in real time.


  • Wide reading tollerance and intelligent code rebuilding for reliable reading of damaged or incorrectly placed codes.
  • Ensures quality control and reduces waste.
  • Rugged IP65 rated housing for the brewery environment.

  • Banner's Barcode Reader Easily Identifies Which Product is Present at the Depalletizer Station

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