Codesys is the leading manufacturer-independent automation software. Users all over the world use Codesys to create control programs for automation systems regardless of the network protocol used. 

Screenshot of a programming interface from the Codesys automation program

In addition to the standard libraries that are already available in the Codesys setup, Turck supports users with their own libraries and function blocks for IO-Link and the Turck BL ident® RFID system

Open system

Unlike the programming environments of major control manufacturers, the software is independent of the more than 400 hardware manufacturers that use the automation platform. Openness and interoperability of devices and systems from different manufacturers are therefore a fundamental feature of the program. More and more users worldwide appreciate this approach and are reinforcing the system as a whole with their solutions.

IEC 61131-3 ensures interoperability 

The software follows the international standard for PLC programming IEC 61131-3, which in turn guarantees interoperability of Codesys programs with other standardized devices. Programming in Codesys is based on programming languages such as AWL, ST, FUP and others, which ensures smooth communication with other devices and systems. 


Codesys allows the use of different fieldbuses/Ethernet protocols in an automation system. When users create applications in combination with Profinet and EtherNet/IP or EtherCAT, they benefit in turn from the openness of the software. 

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