TL30 Basic tower lights give eye-friendly guidance for staff working in close vicinity to single wafer deposition machines

The status of FOUPs (Front Opening Unified Pods) in single wafer deposition machines must be monitored in order to advance efficiency and output. Tower lights are a common solution to this challenge, as they provide easy, real-time indication of the FOUPs’ status. However, staff members that work daily alongside these FOUPs are at risk. Extended exposure to harsh tower lighting can cause eye strain, which can quickly lead to fatigue, and, consequently, loss of productivity. Banner’s TL30 Basic tower lights respond to this challenge with easy-to-read indication that is comfortable for the eye.  

Your Benefits

  • TL30 Basic tower lights save space, due to a thin 30 mm cylindrical body that fits comfortably in areas where larger tower lights may interfere with movement
  • Higher cost efficiency with rugged IP65 and IK07-rated housing and LED lights to ensure long-term, maintenance-free operation
  • Light that is comfortable on the eyes in applications where staff may work in very close proximity to a tower light over a prolonged period

  • A clear machine status indication can expedite fabrication processes

  • TL30 tower lights indicate the current stage of the deposition progress

  • Compact TL30 tower lights are completely self-contained devices: no controller is needed

Status Indication: Integral, but Challenging

In the process that fabricates a semiconductor device, the deposition is simply one step of many. In the time between these steps, silicon wafers are placed in FOUPs to ensure that they are stored in a controlled environment for transport. More than one FOUP can be loaded into a single wafer deposition machine at the same time. After the wafers have been processed and re-stored in the FOUP, that FOUP can be removed and replaced with a new one.  

Giving the staff that work in the clean room a clear indication of each FOUP’s status improves the efficiency at which they can work and increase output.  

Tower Lights That Work for Everyone

Eye strain caused by proximity to bright tower lights is a legitimate risk with this type of indication, and can cause staff fatigue, increased errors, and a loss of productivity. The TL30 Basic tower lights prioritize easy-to-see status indication, but its design ensures a balance in the level of light so it is comfortable, not straining, to the human eye. This balance allows staff to work near one or many tower lights for long periods of time without experiencing discomfort. 

Colors Correspond to Process Stages

Installed above each FOUP that has been placed into the single wafer deposition machine, the TL30 indicates the status of the FOUP by lighting up in a particular color that corresponds to that stage in the process. This indication is immediate, at-a-glance communication of the status of the FOUP. When a step has been completed, the TL30 shines grey to avoid any false perception of indication caused by ambient light. Once the TL30 illuminates its green segment, the FOUP can be taken out and a new one put into the wafer deposition machine. 


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