Remote Tank Level Monitoring

Reliably transmit variable tank level data to central control system

Banner Engineering's DX80 FlexPower Node offers a combination of discrete and analog I/O in a single package, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual data collection. Tank levels can be monitored with an ultrasonic sensor wired to an analog input. Alarms or setpoints can be announced with an EZ-LIGHT on the discrete outputs. Remotely located tank sensor readings can be collected by the DX80 Gateway Pro for data tracking, sending e-mail alerts, or to trigger specific events.


  • Reliable, wireless, data transmission, eliminates costly cable runs.
  • Discrete and analogue I/O in a single unit, facilitates both measurment and alarm signals.


  • Remote Tank Level Monitoring with Banner's DX80, ultrassonic sensor and EZ-LIGHT. 

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