Dough Height Inspection for Accurate Measurement

Consistency in product size and shape is crucial in bakery applications. When baking bread for large distribution, variance in loaf sizes makes it difficult to efficiently package and brand the product.

Because each stage of the baking process transforms the dough’s shape, texture, or size, there is an inherent risk potential for irregular loaf sizes and shapes.

In this example, dough has been divided into equally sized pieces by a shaping machine, undergone the first proofing (the process that occurs when dough rises), and rolled out to eliminate air bubbles and shape the dough into the right length. 

By using Banner Engineering’s L-GAGE Q50 (Q50) LED-based linear displacement laser sensors to detect dough height and depth prior to final proofing and baking, bakers can consistently maintain exact bread loaf dimensions.


  • Accurate detection of removal and reuse of dough before baking
  • Consistent bread loaf dimensions
  • Reduced waste and maintenance

  • Dough Height Inspection for Accurate Measurement with Banner's L-GAGE Q50

The Q50 uses optical triangulation to detect dough depth and height while it is in the pan. Cost-effective, Banner's  Q50 identifies irregularly sized dough within a 2.5mm variance—enabling bakers to remove and reuse non-conforming dough and prevent inconsistently sized baked loafs. Bakers are also able to make necessary adjustments at this point to prevent future errors.

With its laser-like performance, the L-GAGE Q50, ensures consistency on the manufacturing line and results in significant cost savings. In addition, the L-GAGE has easy-to-use TEACH-mode programming that requires no potentiometer adjustments and is available in analog or discrete models.

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