Box Insert Detection

In the pharmaceutical industry where medication is boxed, each unit must contain a product information insert.

To confirm that each unit includes a product information insert, an iVu Series sensor by Banner Engineer is mounted above the packaging line. The sensor is configured for a Match inspection and checks that the product information leaflet is inserted into each package of medication. The leaflet can be placed in any orientation but must face up.The sensor can detect 360 degrees of rotation to find the insert. If the insert is missing or upside-down, the sensor sends a fail output to the line, and the package is rejected.


  • Ensures the product meets industry requirements without slowing the production.
  • Built in display for easy setup and product changes.
  • No PC required to configure, change or monitor.

  • Box Insert Detection with Banner's iVu Vision Sensor

Banner's iVu combines the simplicity of a photoelectric sensor and the intelligence of a vision sensor together to provide inspection solutions that can be applied and supported right on the factory floor. It doesn't require a PC to configure, change or monitor. Because of its advanced capabilities, it is easy to set up and it adds flexibility with a software emulator that allows the adjustment of the application offline. 

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