Position Measurement with RFID and Encoder

Amusement park supplier Wiegand is implementing the future position measurement in two fairground rides with a system consisting of encoders and RFID read/write heads from Turck, connected to a Hima safety controller

Wiegand, the Hessen-based amusement park supplier, previously used an encoder in its Wie-Flyers and Bobkart circuits that only offered limited performance in severe outdoor environments. After this was discontinued, Wiegand and its integrator ARI-contact came upon a permanently robust solution based on Hima and Turck products. Turck encoders, RFID tags and read/write heads will in future ensure safe movement for these fairground rides. Through the combination of incremental and RFID position sensing, the system reliably prevents any collisions. The controller of cooperation partner Hima was adapted here especially to the modules used.

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