Loading Dock Occupancy Monitoring

The receiving departments at various industries can become a hectic workspace and it's important to maintain a productive receiving area. For optimum workflow and loading dock traffic management, it is essential for dock workers to immediately know of arrivals.

Banner Engineering's M-GAGE Wireless Sensor Nodes mounted on each loading bay signal the arrival of vehicles by illuminating Banner's EZ-LIGHT indicators remotely mounted throughout the facility.

Supervisors can also be alerted to arrivals using their PC or PDA. Workers assemble quicker at the appropriate dock, cargo security and facility access are greatly enhanced, and docks are freed up faster. Best of all, no through-wall wiring mechanism is required to implement the system.


  • Faster call to action increases productivity.
  • Wireless connectivity simplifies placement and installation.
  • Supervisors can be alerted via their PC, PDA or mobile phone SMS.

  • Detection and Indication of Vehicle Arrival at Loading Deck with Banner's M-GAGE and EZ-LIGHT

Banner's M-GAGE wireless sensor has internal, three-axis magnetoresistive-based technology that senses three-dimensional changes to the Earth’s magnetic field caused by the presence of ferrous objects. It is designed to minimize the effects of temperature change and fluctuating magnetic fields. The sensor is powered by a lithium D-cell battery integrated into the housing, and it is fully potted and sealed housing contains the power source, sensor, and antenna for a completely wireless solution. 

The M-GAGE provides a direct replacement for inductive loop systems and needs no external frequency box. Its unique design allows quick installation within a core hole. For best performance, mount the sensor below-grade, in the center of the traffic lane.

Banner's EZ-LIGHT multi-segment indicators are rugged, cost-effective and easy-to-install. Illuminated segments provide easy-to-see operator guidance and indication of equipment status.

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