Semiconductor Process Tool Illumination

Illuminating the inside of a surface preparation system or other semiconductor process tool can be challenging.

The light fixtures must not disrupt the laminar flow of air through the system and spatial constraints can severely limit light fixture placement options. Certain colors of light, including white light, can have a negative impact on system processes. Additionally, these fixtures may be exposed to harsh and damaging chemicals as well as vapors capable of scaring and corroding surfaces.

Sealing light fixtures into special protective enclosures that do not disrupt airflow adds time and expense to an installation and can complicate routine maintenance. Often, lights are simply installed into the corners of a process tool where they will not disrupt airflow and where space is less of a concern. Deployed in these locations, the lights may not adequately illuminate the work area.


  • Brilliant, Yellow,  even Illumination over the whole area.
  • Reduced costs, Maintenance free 50,000 hour lifetime.
  • It does not disrupt the laminar air flow and is protected from damage by chemicals and vapours.

  • Semiconductor Process Tool Illumination

Banner’s WLS27 are rugged LED strip lights specifically developed to provide brilliant, even illumination in challenging environments and compact spaces. They have a space-saving, aerodynamic design, are fully encapsulated in a protective shell, and come in a broad range of illumination color options. Machine designers can install WLS27 LED strip lights wherever they are best suited to illuminate a work area without making costly or time consuming modifications to the lights.

Inside the process tool, multiple 430 mm LED strip lights are installed directly over the work area, filling the space with clear, bright yellow light, appropriate for use during photolithographic processes. Each light is suspended approximately 250 mm from the ceiling of the tool, directly in the flow of air. However, the cylindrical shape of the light fixtures will not disrupt the laminar flow of air required in this clean space.

Each LED strip light is fully encased in a shatterproof polycarbonate shell which is redundantly sealed to prevent ingress by water or other liquids and is IEC IP66, IP67 and IP69K rated. Polycarbonate brackets used in this application ensure that the entire installation is thoroughly protected from any scaring or corrosive damage caused by chemicals or vapors. These cost-effective LED light strips will provide vivid, maintenance-free illumination throughout their 50,000 hour or more lifespan.

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