MTP capable Products

Follow these links to our product database and find the products that support your modularization strategy.

BL20 – Modular I/O System in IP20

User benefit: BL20 can be optimally adapted to the specific signal requirements and controls applications independently as a programmable version.

BL67 – Modular I/O System in IP67

User benefit: BL67 is mounted directly in the field, optimally maps the specific signal requirements and thus reduces wiring outlay.

excom I/O-System

User benefit: High level of intelligence, individualization and flexibility, shortened planning and commissioning times in project work and parallel connection to OT and IT networks.


User benefit: Thanks to multiprotocol communication users with international customers only have to have one device variant for three network protocols.

TBEN-L-PLC – IP67-PLC with Edge Controller

User benefit: Distributed intelligence with simple integration for control tasks directly on the machine or plant.


User benefit: Despite their compact form factor, the robust modules offer a wide range of communication options for highly efficient automation: Multiprotocol functionality reduces the number of device variants needing to be reserved.

TX700 - IIoT Edge Controller in IP20

User benefit: Modular, scalable hardware platform, optional pre-processing on the integrated controller, numerous drivers and interfaces.


User benefit: Monitor sensor and machine data and control automation processes – with brilliant graphics and capacitive touch.

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