Vehicle Detection in a Self-Serve Car Wash

Vehicle detection sensors can be used in a variety of ways in the car wash industry.

This type of industry can see a lot of activity throughout the day and a solution is needed to accurately detect a vehicle's presence for the entire duration of the wash and present that information to a timer. Banner Engineering solved the application with the M-GAGE, created to detect the presence of a large metal object, like a car or a truck, and to be installed into concrete and asphalt pavements. The sensor is activated when the customer deposits payment in the pay box.


  • Reliable vehicle detection. 
  • Can be burried under the tarmac or concrete.
  • Can be battery powered eliminating costly cable runs.

  • Vehicle Detection in a Self-Serve Car Wash with Banner's M-Gage Sensor

With its a passive sensing technology to detect large ferrous objects, the M-GAGE sensor detects the presence of the stopped vehicle as the patron washes it. When the vehicle beings to leave, it detects the shift in the wash bay's magnetic field and signals the timer to reset. It is also encapsulated in rugged epoxy in order to prevent moisture damage and built to withstand rapid temperature swings, both of which are essential in car wash applications. Banner's M-GAGE provides an alternative replacement for inductive loop systems and needs no external control box. Its unique design allows quick installation within a core hole.

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