Turck's CMMT magnetic field and temperature sensor detects magnetic field changes across three axes and calculates the vector sum of the measurements

Magnetic Field/Temperature Sensor with IO-Link

Turck's CMMT condition monitoring sensor detects magnetic field changes on three axes and thus opens up new application fields

The CMMT 3-axis magnetic field/temperature sensor with IO-Link is the third sensor type that Turck has developed specifically for easy-to-use and retrofittable condition monitoring applications. It complements the existing range consisting of the CMVT vibration/temperature sensor and the CMTH for humidity and temperature measurements. The combined measurement of magnetic field and temperature with the CMMT enables simple detection of faults on motors or in processes with magnetic components. The new sensor also opens up applications that were previously impossible, such as the contactless detection of the rotation and movement of metal objects without visual contact.

Your Benefits

  • Robust design
  • Simple configuration and visualization
  • High interoperability

Detection of the earth's magnetic field and flexible output options

Thanks to its high sensitivity of five microtesla, the sensor also detects the earth's magnetic field, but can hide this if required by setting the parameters. The device outputs measured values individually or as a vector sum via IO-Link. Users can also assign two independent switching outputs. The CMMT supports the Smart Sensor Profile 4.1.4. 

User-friendly commissioning

When commissioning the CMMT, users are supported by the Turck Automation Suite (TAS) Magnetic Field Monitor app. This application visualizes the sensor data live in the web browser and can be used via any Turck IO-Link master without additional software. The device functions are also set via TAS or other IODD interpreters. Besides the process values, additional information such as operating hours and switching cycles can also be output via the digital interface.


  • Visualization and parameterization of sensor data via IO-Link and TAS
  • Measurement of magnetic field changes on three axes and calculation of the vector sum of the measurements
  • Robust housing


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