Bring IIoT to your Industrial Equipment with Ease

Snap Signal Unlocks Valuable Monitoring Controls

Factories often have outdated machine equipment that need costly upgrades. While the equipment may function well, they may lack simple and effective monitoring tools. Snap Signal makes it easy to incorporate industrial internet of things (IIoT) technology to your equipment. Our products allow you to keep using your existing system while adding valuable insights through remote monitoring. You can also add vibration, temperature, and level sensors to gain additional insights into machine performance. This Snap Signal system pushes data to the Cloud, where it can be shared with production and maintenance teams. In the Cloud, powerful dashboards can be setup to communicate machine performance. It can also be configured to send text and email alerts to personnel of potential issues before downtime occurs.

Model and Description:

  • DXMR90-X1 - Industrial Controller with edge processing and cloud capability
  • PSW-24-1 - Pressure Supply 
  • T30R-1515-KUQ - Radar Level Sensor with Analog Output
  • S15C-U-MQ - Snap Signal converter that converts analog voltage signals into Modbus
  • S15C-BB-MTGQ - Snap Signal converter that converts Banner Bus signals into Modbus 
  • LMBS15MAG - Magnetic Mounting Bracket for S15C Converters  
  • M18TIP8Q - M18T Series Non-Contact Temperature
  • LMBS15MAG - Magnetic Mounting Bracket for S15C Converters  
  • QM30VT2 - Vibration and Temperature Sensor
  • BWA-BK-013 - Magnetic Mounting Bracket for QM30VT Sensors
  • CSB-M1250M1250-T - Tee Connector
  • MQDC-4506SS - M12 Extension Cordset
  • STP-M12D-406 - 4-pin M12 D-code to RJ45 Shielded Ethernet Cordset

Lengths for cordsets and splitters listed are examples. Please consult the Banner Engineering website or reach out to an Application Engineer for the correct lengths.

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