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Fluid+ sensors

Five types, four parameters, one operating concept – no compromises


Probably the Best Fluid Sensor Family for Pressure, Temperature, Flow and Level.

Sounds boastful? Judge for yourself. No other automation manufacturer has developed fluid sensor technology that detects all four measured variables—flow, pressure, temperature and level—with a sensor family from a single source.

A sensor generation that is free from the legacy of its predecessor products – committed solely to the requirements and applications of our customers. 

The result is an intuitive operating concept across all types of devices that makes commissioning and handling easier than ever before. The absence of mechanical buttons also meant we were able to design an extremely robust housing with protection class IP69K. Modular process connections allow customer-specific combinations of the frontend, sensor unit and backend within short delivery times. The sensors provide additional information for condition monitoring or sensor-to-cloud solutions via IO-Link in order to exploit the full potential of the sensor family. 

Fluid+ – the next-generation sensor family.

One Machine, Four Measured Variables, Full Flexibility!

FS+ Flow Sensors

  • Integrated temperature measurement eliminates the need for an additional sensor in simple applications
  • Delta flow monitoring for reliable commissioning, even in the case of fluctuations in flow
  • Quick-Teach for rapid commissioning

TS+ Temperature Sensors

  • Compact devices with an integrated sensor or remote devices with attached sensor unit
  • Compatible with thermocouple probes
  • Automatic detection of the probe type TC or Pt.

PS+ Pressure Sensors

  • 2-color display indicates when the setpoint is exceeded by changing color to red
  • Variants for differential pressure measurement with one sensor
  • Devices with ceramic measuring cell or fully welded metal measuring cell for overpressure resistance up to seven times the nominal pressure

LRS+ and LUS+ Level Sensors

  • LUS+ ultrasonic sensor for smaller tanks up to 1.30 meters measuring distance
  • LRS+ radar sensor for demanding applications and larger vessels up to 10 meters measuring distance
  • Radar monitor visualizes radar reflections in real time for simple suppression of interference signals by grids or other measuring obstacles 

Five Sensors – One Operating Concept

The philosophy behind the Fluid+ sensor platform is: Everything that can be designed uniformly is implemented uniformly. This creates resources for unique, innovative solutions that make each of the five sensors better than comparable individual devices. The jury for the iF Design Award also shared this opinion.

Capacitive touch operation

Capacitive touch operation

The capacitive control keys are more than just modern gadgets: The elimination of mechanical buttons allows protection classes up to IP69K. These are guaranteed to be permanent even with long-term use. In addition, the touch control functionality allows for easy control using gestures, such as swiping to lock/unlock devices.

2-color display

2-color display

The 2-color 14-segment display clearly shows critical values by changing to red. This ensures that even untrained employees can immediately see when a measured value is running out of control.

Modular process connections

Modular process connections

The process connections and the sensor units with different measuring principles can be combined flexibly in production. This shortens delivery times even for rare combinations. The modular design principle also paves the way for the unique differential pressure sensor with dual process connection.

Individual talents

Individual talents

Despite the uniformity of the family, each sensor type has specific characteristics to make their usage and commissioning as simple as possible. For example, the delta flow monitoring of the FS+ facilitates process-safe teaching of the flow reference value.

Award-winning family

Award-winning family

The design and operating concept of the PS+ impressed the expert jury of the IF Design Award in 2019. SPS trade fair visitors voted the FS+ into 1st place in the standard components and sensor technology category at the Automation Award of the trade journal elektro AUTOMATION at the end of 2019. In the category Sensors and Measurement Technology, the FS+ also convinced many readers of the trade magazine Computer und Automation, who voted it into 2nd place.

Unique Family DNA

The Fluid+ family is highly available, simple to connect, flexible and easy to use.

Simple commissioning

  • Uniform operating concept with capacitive buttons and gesture control
  • Automatic NPN/PNP detection
  • Radar monitor, IODD configurator, Quick-Teach, Delta Flow Monitoring and other functions for fast, safe commissioning even in demanding applications  


  • IO-Link 1.1 for transferring additional data for condition monitoring or predictive maintenance
  • Seamless integration in Turck Cloud Solutions enables sensor-to-cloud without programming
  • Switching behavior can be set to normally open or normally closed

Maximum flexibility

  • 340-degree rotating sensor head enables optimal positioning without adapting the process connection
  • Data profiles of other sensor manufacturers can be emulated for a smooth transition to Fluid+ devices

High system availability

  • Maximum robustness due to IP69K and no need for mechanical buttons
  • Locking mechanism prevents system downtime due to sensor manipulation
  • The materials used are resistant to UV radiation and salt spray for outdoor applications 

Fluid+ White Paper

Concise answers to specific questions about automated fluid detection and monitoring can be found in our Fluid+ family white papers.

The Five Most Common Mistakes Made in Flow Monitoring

The Five Most Common Mistakes Made in Flow Monitoring

The white paper highlights the common misconceptions and misjudgments when selecting and installing an industrial flow monitoring system. It assists users in selecting the appropriate sensor as well as ensuring that it is installed and commissioned correctly. 

Fluid+ Sensors in Practice

The example applications show how users benefit from the advantages of the Fluid+ sensor family – in a way that is clear, practical and to the point.

Level measurement in a dip painting plant

From a distance of up to ten meters, LRS+ radar sensors measure the distance and level of cathodic dip baths


Quality assurance on the gluing robot

IO-Link-compatible PS+ and TS+ pressure and temperature sensors ensure even flow characteristics of adhesives


Cooling circuit monitoring on welding tongs

FS+ flow sensors monitor the flow of coolant and warn of critical temperature changes


Process pressure measurement in the scissors lift

PS+ sensors reliably check the pressure of hydraulic cylinders


Level check in the central lubrication system

LUS+ ultrasonic sensors reliably detect the level of lubricant tanks


Flow monitoring in drum washers

IO-Link enabled flow sensors control the supply of cleaning agents



Turck’s FS+ flow sensors ensure efficient cooling of industrial furnaces through real-time monitoring of flow and temperature


Family Album: Five Individual Talents in the Picture

PS+ pressure sensors

The PS+ series is designed for pressure ranges up to 600 bar and is available with proven ceramic measuring cells (PS310) as well as metal measuring cells (PS510). The differential pressure variant with dual process connection makes it easier to record pressure differences with one device.

TS+ temperature sensors

The TS+ sensors are available as TS700 compact units with an integrated temperature sensor or as TS720 with a separate evaluation and display unit for connecting resistance thermometers or thermocouples. The sensor automatically detects which type of temperature sensor is connected.

FS+ flow sensors

The FS+ ensures reliable and fast commissioning with the Quick-Teach and Delta-Flow-Monitoring functions. In addition to the flow, it can also output media temperature values, which in many applications eliminates the need for additional temperature sensors.

LUS+ ultrasonic level sensors

THE LUS+ reliably records levels in the range of up to 0.4 or 1.3 meters. It can withstand pressures from 0.5 to 5 bar at the process connection. The measured values can be displayed and output as residual volumes in a user-friendly way by assigning parameters to the existing container geometry.

LRS+ radar fill level sensors

The LRS+ series was developed to measure levels in the range of 0.35 to 10 meters. In contrast to optical or ultrasound-based level sensors, the LRS+ also provide reliable measured values despite interference factors such as dust, wind or light. The Turck radar monitor can be used to simply hide interference signals. 

Fluid+ accessories

The comprehensive range of accessories for the Fluid+ platform shows that this device family has been consistently thought through. Our product database contains matching mounting brackets, protective tubes, cooling sections, connecting cables and much more for each individual product.

Ask an Expert

If you have any questions about the Fluid+ sensor family or a specific device, please use our contact form. Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Our Experts

Dr. Bruno Gries (bottom right) TS+ and PS+, Raphael Scholzen (bottom left) FS+, Markus Bregulla (top left) LUS+, Raphael Penning (top right) LRS+

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